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OFF GRID Solar Inverters REVO VM II 3 W / 24 V

Solar Inverter  REVO VM II 3 W / 24 V. 

Off Grid Energy Storage Inverter 
Anti-Dust Kit:After installing this anti-dustkit, inverter will automatically detecl this kit and activate internal thermal sensor to adjust internaltemperature. By virtue of the dustproof design, it dramatically increases product reliability in harsh environment

Key Features:
■ Pure sine wave solar inverter
■ Outputpower factor 1
■ Parallel operation up to 9 units
■ High PVinput voltage rangen Battery independent design
■ Built-in 100A MPPT solar charger
■ Battery equalization function to optimize battery performance and extend lifecycle
■ Built-in anti-dusk kit for harsh environment


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