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Монофазни SOCOMEC

UPS ITYS ES (1000-3000 VA)


High protection and high availability


• Range of compact UPS systems available in 1000, 2000 and 3000 VA models with on-line double conversion technology (VFI).
• Permanent regulation of the output voltage and frequency. This technology is compatible with all IT and industrial applications and operating environments, installations with generator sets included.
• Wide tolerance on input voltage ensures that switchovers to battery mode are infrequent, significantly prolonging battery lifetime.
• The automatic bypass device switches over in zero time in the event of overload or failure, guaranteeing uninterrupted services.
• Tropicalization and anti-corrosion protection for electrical boards.


Straightforward to install and easy to use

• Shipped ready for connection with internal batteries connected and charged.
• With the manual bypass option, it is easy to install without any special plant engineering preparation, as it is equipped with built-in thermal protection.
• The LED monitoring/control panel and a buzzer make the equipment extremely easy and intuitive to use. The graphic indicating the power distribution path shows at a glance whether or not the system is working as it should.
• Battery efficiency can be tested via the control panel or using dedicated software.

Operating efficiency and versatility


• Suitable for protecting critical devices in the industrial field.
• The standard equipment and communication accessories have been specially designed to satisfy the typical needs of installation or use in transformer cabins.
• In situations where automatic power management procedures are required, the communication software can be used to programme scheduled start-up and shutdown times.
• Restarting the UPS from the battery to power the DG before closing the main isolator.

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