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Трифазен вход / Трифазен изход SOCOMEC


The solution for

• Data centers
• Telecommunications
• Pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants
• Transportation
• Critical applications


Flexible high efficiency solution designed for:

• Permanent applications, such as site power extensions or relocations, containerised data centres, building power and industrial infrastructure,
• Temporary use, such as disaster recovery or site reconfiguration.

Industrialized turnkey solution

• Pre-packaged comprehensive UPS power infrastructure.
• Fully tested turnkey solution.
• Flexible design for step-by-step expansion.
• Highest protection grade at lowest industry power consumption.
• Lower PuE (1) reducing carbon footprint (power and cooling)
• Immediate upgrade and fast ROI due to deployment 2 to 4 times faster than traditional mortar solutions.
• Easy to relocate.
• No construction permit required.
• Property cost savings.

A comprehensive infrastructure

Smart PowerPort is available in two different power configurations:
• 20’ high cube container from 100 kW to 450 kW per unit,
• 40’ high cube container up to 1000 kW per unit.

Smart PowerPort is a complete environment infrastructure incorporating:
• high efficiency ‘green power’ UPS system,
• storage (batteries and/or flywheel),
• input and output distribution panel,
• cooling system,
• fire protection,
• battery monitoring,
• access control.

(1) PuE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is a metric used to determine the energy efficiency of a data center by dividing the amount of power entering a data center by the power used to run the computer infrastructure within it.

Standard and optional features

• 20’ and 40’ high cube container for indoor and outdoor applications.
• Industry standard cooling system.
• EN-1047 compliant (TÜV and SGS certified).
• Water and flood protection: IPx5.
• Thermal insulation: 0.42 W/m2 K.
• Fire protection: 120 minutes.
• Dust protection.
• Emergency Power Off (EPO).
• Vandalism and intrusion protection.
• Electromagnetic protection: 20 dBA.
• Acoustic insulation: 33 dBA.


• Row curtains.
• Fire detection and extinguishing system.
• Humidifier.
• Lighting (400 lux).
• Access control system.
• BHC Universal and BHC Interactive battery monitoring systems.
• PuE metering system.
• Sealed non-combustible cable glands.
• Special isolated double and single doors (TÜV certified EN 1047).


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