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MODULYS RM GP (до 4 x 25 kW)

MODULYS RM GP is a 3-phase modular UPS system designed for 19” rack integration.

Easy to integrate and install whilst simple to manage and maintain, it provides maximum availability and power protection in a compact design leaving free space for other rack-mounted devices.

Designed for 19” rack integration


Easy to integrate


• Specifically designed for integration in 19” standard rack cabinets.

• Adjustable rails and mounting accessories.

• Pre-cabled system for simplified connections.

No-risk integration


• Assured compatibility with any 19” standard rack cabinet.

• Pre-engineered and lab-tested parts assuring total system reliability.

• Automatic self-configuration power modules.

Easy to customise


• Complete set of pre-engineered and pretested parts to meet any customer need.


Easy to manage


• Full documentation package including schematics, integration instructions, technical sheets, etc.

• Factory-set configurations for easy model selection.

• Full set of pre-engineered options for easy product customisation.

Overall cost optimisation


• Compact sub-rack enclosure saving valuable cabinet rack space.

• 2 sub-rack enclosure models for optimum sizing.

• Best-in-class €/ kW ratio thanks to high power density and PF=1.

• Plug & Play and self-configuration power modules for easy and time saving system set up.

• Pre-engineered and lab-tested parts for easy and time saving customisation.

Simplified logistics


• Fewer standardised parts for easy ordering.

• Parts always in stock for fast procurement.

• Fewer parts covering a wide range of configurations, power, back-up time and options.

Designed to assure absolute business continuity


Total resilience


• Electronics-free (failure-free) sub-rack enclosure.

• Totally independent and self-sufficient modules.

• No centralised control for parallel and load sharing management.

• Totally segregated, fully sized and centralised auxiliary mains bypass and distributed inverter bypass.

• Configurable N+1 redundancy (power & battery).

• No single point of failure.

• Redundant parallel bus connection (ring configuration).

Optimum reliability


• Power module designed for superior robustness verified by an independent body (MTBF > 1,000,000 hr).

• Highly robust bypass (MTBF > 10,000,000 hr)

• Acid leak-proof modular battery box.

Maximum availability


• Fast recovery of lost redundancy thanks to minimum MTTR (Mean Time To Repair).

• No risk of downtime during power upgrading and maintenance.

• No risk of failure propagation.

Pay as you need


• Totally modular rack-mounting system for power scaling or for quickly adapting to business changes.

• No prior expenditure for unpredictable future extensions in power and back up time.

• No need to duplicate the system hardware to get redundancy.

Enhanced serviceability performance


• Fast and safe maintenance based on hot-swap parts (power modules, bypass, electronic boards, batteries).

• Safe and risk-free maintenance: only sealed box is replaced, no exposed live parts.

• Concurrent maintenance: no need to switch on static bypass or maintenance bypass.

• Battery can be hot-swapped without shutting down the connected equipment.

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