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Трифазен вход / Монофазен изход SOCOMEC

ITYS PRO ( 10 до 20 kVA )

The solution for

• Server rooms
• Service sector
• Infrastructure
• Healthcare sector
• Light industrial applications


Innovative design
• Easy to order, install and operate.
• Very compact footprint.
• Robust and reliable connectivity.
• Clear multilanguage LCD interface.

Total adaptability

• 2 UPS configurations: with or without batteries.
• Integrated maintenance bypass.
• Integrated LAN network monitoring.
• Communication ports for building management system (BMS).

Optimum availability

• Designed to operate in challenging electrical environments.
• Redundant bypass protection.
• Low EMI emissions compliant for commercial installations.
• Internal isolation transformer available on request.
• Innovative battery management extending battery life.
• Remote monitoring service.

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