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Съхранение на енергия SOCOMEC

Flywheel technology VSS+ DC (Voltage Support Solution)


Backs up the DELPHYS UPS, overcoming the constraints, risks, costs and hazards of batteries. The solution inverter DELPHYS with dynamic storage of energy VSS+ DC was carried out by SOCOMEC UPS.


VSS+ DC uses a very high-speed, rotating flywheel.The rotating assembly is held up by maintenance-free electromagnetic levitation, with no contact with other parts. A maintenance-free internal system vacuum eliminates friction and maximizes energy efficiency. The flywheel-driven generator supplies energy to the UPS during a power failure, thus providing continuous power to the load. When mains power is restored, the flywheel takes less than 5 minutes to return to full speed.


1. Containment housing
2. Composite carbon-fiber flywheel
3. Stator windings
4. Upper magnetic bearing
5. Vacuum system
6. Rotor
7. Lower magnetic bearing


• Outstanding reliability : long service life (20 years)
• Extremely infrequent maintenance
• No vacuum pump maintenance
• Max. power in min. volume
• High efficiency > 99.8%
• Rapid recharging (5 minutes as standard)
• Virtually silent operation
• No load restrictions on ground
• Installation requiring no structural work
• Environmentally-friendly

THE VARIOUS CONFIGURATIONS Various solutions or combinations for meeting your requirements for electrical energy availability are possible depending on your operating constraints and technical environment.

1. short-duration POWER OUTAGES The VSS+ DC system is connected to the DC bus; it supplies the inverter when the low-voltage system exceeds the voltage tolerances. Thereby providing 99.5% protection against system failures.

2. working with a generator unit
The VSS + DC supplies the inverter long enough for an emergency generator to take over the power supply and rapidly recharge the VSS + DC.

3. working with a battery
When connected in parallel with a battery bank, the VSS+ DC cuts in during all short power failures and voltage sags; battery backup is used only for long duration cuts (or not at all if a backup generator is present). Battery life is extended by very infrequent demands.

4. working in parallel VSS+ DC units connected in parallel increase power and available backup time. No communications hardware or software needed, this capability is built-in.






 630 mm

 1800 mm

830 mm

590 kg





Nominal full power duration with DELPHYS MP Elite

200 kVA/160 kW: 17 sec*.
160 kVA/128 kW: 21 sec*.
120 kVA/96 kW: 27 sec.
100 kVA/80 kW: 33 sec.
80 kVA/64 kW: 40 sec.
60 kVA/48 kW: 50 sec.

Voltage (input/output)

420*-570 V DC

Output voltage control

± 1% under static conditions

Ripple factor

< 2 %

Auxiliary voltage

110/230 V AC

Auxiliary power

400 VA




Sound level (ISO3746)

< 45 dB

Operating temperature

- 20 °C to + 50 °C

Operating altitude

up to 3000 metres

Conformity with standards

CEE 73/23 Low voltage directive

CEE 98/037 Machine directive
IEC/EC 60439-1
IEC/EN 60204-1 Machine safety
EN1127-1 Explosive atmospheres

* On 160 and 200 kVA versions, the power available depends on the DC voltage of the BUS to the UP

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