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UPS three / three phase SOCOMEC


The solution for

Commercial buildings
• Security control
• Payment systems
• Emergency services
• IT networking
• Building automation

Smart manufacturing
• Process control systems
• Cloud service access

The best protection with a cost-effective approach
• Online double conversion mode with an output power factor of 0.9.
• Best-in-class online efficiency.• Versatile to operate in different electrical environments.
• Standard design with dual input mains to manage independent power sources.
• Standard design equipped with input, output and auxiliary mains switches.
• Internal manual bypass for easy maintenance with no power interruption.

Easy to integrate and user-friendly
• Compact, lightweight and easy to install.
• Low acoustic noise level.• Modern aesthetics combined with ergonomics.
• User-friendly multilingual interface with a graphic LCD display.

Extremely reliable, robust and durable
• Completely designed and manufactured in Europe.
• Certified seismic resistance.

Tailor-made - as standard
• Easy configurable for retrofit in existing installations.
• Catalog base flexibility to meet specific needs.
• Fast delivery time for a fully personalized solution.

Native digital solution
• Ready for integration in LAN and Industry 4.0 ecosystem.
• IoT ready and remote cloud services.
• Multiprocessor intelligent product architecture.
• Product identification and configuration using standard QR codes.

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