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Система за динамично съхранение на енергията SOCOMEC

BHC - Battery Health Check


Battery health care


Increase battery availability

• The battery is a key element in UPS operation. Their efficiency and availablity are very important to avoid shutdown

Optimises your battery’s lifetime

• When connected with Socomec brand UPS´s, BHC interact with battery charger to optimize battery lifetime.

Increased maintenance efficiency

• BHC helps maintenance actions, providing in advance useful information for preventative and curative maintenance of battery blocks.

Remote monitoring

• BHC can be connected to a LAN netowrk allowing access to all functionalities and displaying information from a remote station.

Model and functionalities


Available for any kind of UPS brand.
• Locate weak blocks
• Track battery life
• Maintenance planning


(Available for Socomec brand products only)

It includes all BHC UNIVERSAL functionality plus
• Increase charger precision
• Automatic battery testing
• Proactive measures

  • Technical Data


       BHC Universal BHC Interactive
    UPS compatibility
    DELPHYS MX 250-900 kVA Yes Yes
    Green Power 2.0 - DELPHYS GP 160-500 kVA Yes Yes
    Green Power 2.0 -  MASTERYS GP 100-120 kVA Yes No
    Other Socomec UPS Yes No
    Non-Socomec UPS Yes No
    Voltage per string per 12 V blocks per 12 V blocks
    Current per string Yes Yes
    Battery ambient temperature 1 to 8 per string 1 to 8 per string
    Battery type VRLA VRLA
    Number of batteries per BHC box Up to 8 Up to 7
    Number of strings per battery 1 to 6 1 to 6
    Core controller
    Detection and localisation of failures per block (12 V) per block (12 V)
    Interaction with the UPS No Yes
    Connectivity connected to LAN connected to UPS and to LAN


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