UPS Communication SOCOMEC


UPS monitoring tool with a super simple user interface showing the UPS status, battery status, and measurements, load status and measurements,  UPS events history log, measurements history log and more...


REMOTE VIEW PRO is a software for remote monitoring of UPS and STS, like a “Network Management Station” (NMS) dedicated to UPS and STS. This web-based software can monitor UPS and STS from every computer connected to the same network via a web browser.


А network adapter for the professional Real-time UPS health monitoring, comprehensive UPS management and flexible configuration via Web Browser. Automatic detection of UPS architecture.

NET VISION EMD - Environmental Monitoring Device

The EMD (Environmental Monitoring Device) is a connectivity device that allows you to remotely monitor the temperature, humidity, and status of two contact devices. It’s connection to the NET VISION enables monitoring or notification of alarms via standard Web browsers.


SNMP/WEB Interface is an interface between UPS and the network. It can obtain the status from a UPS and issue commands to it. SNMP/WEB Interface supports two kinds of protocol – SNMP and HTTP for user access.

RT VISION EMD - for environmental monitoring

EMD (Device Monitoring Device) е устройство за свързване, което ви позволява дистанционно да следите температурата, влажността и състоянието на две устройства. Връзката с RT VISION позволява наблюдение или уведомяване за аларми чрез стандартни уеб браузъри.