Дизелов генератор FI 50

FOGO FI50 е 55 kVA дизелов генератор с двигател на IVECO

Line H
Code generator with automatic FG HIS 50 AH
Code generator with manual control FG HIS 50 MH
Maximum power LTP [kVA] 55.0
LTP Maximum Power [kW] 44.0
PRP Rated power [kVA] 50.0
PRP Rated power [kW] 40.0
Rated current [A] 72.2
Frequency [Hz] 50
Voltage [V] 400
The manufacturer of the generator Sincro
Country of production Croatia
Type of generator IB 4 LA
Power generator (40 ° C, 1000m above sea level) [kVA] 50.0
Generator efficiency [%] 90.7
Voltage stabilization AVR Analog
The level of voltage stabilization [%] +/- 1
Protection [IP] 23
Insulation class H
Current harmonic distortion THD [%] <2.5
Reactance X''d [%] 12.0
Engine Manufacturer Iveco
Country of production Italy
Engine Type F32TM1
Net engine power [kW] 47.0
Turnover [r / min] 1500
Speed ​​control Mechanical
The classification of G2
Engine capacity [l] 3.2
Number of cylinders 4
Installation of [V] 12
Cooling fluid Shell Anti Freeze
The capacity of the cooling system [l] 19.5
Engine Oil Shell Rimula R4L
Oil capacity [l] 10.5
Exhaust Emissions Stage II
Type of fuel Diesel (EN 590)
Fuel consumption for the load of 80% [l / h] 10.2
The fuel consumption for 100% load [l / h] 12.6
Fuel tank capacity [l] 125
Working time for a load of 100% [h] 9.9
The weight of the unit without the fuel [kg] 850
Dimensions L x W x H [mm] 1850 x 880 x 1294
Lion Guaranteed sound power level [dB] 110.9 ± 0.7


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